Random Verse Tuesday

Random Verse Tuesday: Where I’m from


This week we feature the first verse of Orthodox Six’s ‘Where I’m from’

I’m from a place where niggas sell airtime

Engage in crime just  to survive in this turbulent time

A place where you can get rich quick

By either  preaching the gospel or pyramid schemes

Or government polytricks

A place where corruption is high

Speak the truth and might die

From a car accident

A place women sell their coochie it for a little loot

And it don’t matter if you a housewife or a prostitute

A place where celebrities broke or considered a joke

Sorta like when Kendrick claimed king of New York

A place where roads got potholes

We live in the city but still gotta rely on boreholes

A place electricity scarce education a mess

And buying a car is considered success

I’m from a place tribalism exists

H.I.V and AIDS persists sending a million souls into the abyss

A place where money can’t buy love

But can get you sexual favours with no protection

A place where Jezebels dwell and devils excel

You better pray to God if you wanna prevail

Check out the video for ‘Where I’m from’ below


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