Random Verse Tuesday

Random Verse Tuesday: Cloud 9

Cloud 9

This week we feature Depth’s ‘Cloud 9’ verse

Snap snap take a picture

It’s all laughs smiles when I’m with her

I get caught up in a daze when I see her  

Feeling like its only us in the world when I’m with her

Real talk she don’t know what she do to me

Feeling like a new born everything feels new to me

She my soul mate a priceless piece of jewellery

I’m in it for the long-haul not just the thrill

I even told T.Shoc I needed something real

There’s nothing in this world for you that I wouldn’t do

I could say I love without no shame

I’d rearrange the stars to spell your name

Turn the sky into a dress that suits your frame

Walk through the path of a raging flame

We stuck together like a hand in a cuff

And you stay on my mind cos I can’t get enough 

Check out the full audio below


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