Random Verse Tuesday

Random Verse Tuesday: Backstabbers

Live Love Dance

This week we feature Ftr’s first verse on ‘Backstabbers’ which is track 3 on Dutch’s ‘Live Love Dance’ debut album

I can’t trust you for one second

Cos people out here be backstabbers

If you can’t trust me check the records

Rappers out here be track jacking

And back tracking on your tracks your life, your girl

They see you get all that spotlight so they taking shots cold world

Brother from another so we could never change

Saw you 2 face when we got that fame

Saw you lose faith when we got that change

So u choose hate I was tryina maintain

I was tryina get paid I guess you out here cos you tryina get laid 

I work hard so self made I guess you backstab cos you know you gonna fade

Cos I’m liable for my tight flow

Smooth criminal Michael

And you stalking me like a psycho

Cos I’m on my grind and I do me

You want my beats to just use me

To give you fame and all the success

You don’t even care about my own progress

Everybody bigs up till somebody gets big

Now I’m all blown up haters won’t let me live

And its all for your seasonal gain

I can see through all your frames

It’s very conceivable that I’m the light to the game

I’m likened to pain and its very believable

And it’s so unbelievable what they do

Check out the ‘Backstabbers’ full audio below


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