Random Verse Tuesday

Random Verse Tuesday: Extras


This week we feature the second verse of ‘Extras’ one of the lead singles off the new Zubz album ‘DragonLion_FullCircle


Ring The alarm attention and listen

It’s people army like M1 and Stic-man

Many have come from brethren to sistren

Whole marathon we been run the distance

So the resolve is never in question

Peaceful protest avoid an inquest into

Whether or not we’re about what we’re professing

The repercussions of decisions that need addressing

Swept under the rug for too long

You can’t muzzle us now we’re too strong

Night time gone welcome the new dawn

No more pass and dribble it’s route one

Never gonn’ back up unless and until

We see the ball hit the back of the net

Our will is like steel word to cleo

Till we master our destiny we ain’t packing it up just yet


Check out the full audio below


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