Random Verse Tuesday

Random Verse Tuesday: Stand Up

Naye Sean

This week we got a verse from Naye Sean (1/3 of Ill Imz) on ‘Stand Up’ a track done by Ill Imz which featured Ishy X and appeared on The Platform Mixtape Vol. 1 back in 2009

Ey yo my dream’s taking off finally paying off

A little piece of the future here break it off

Matter of fact take it all

O/D of this shit here there’s no comparing him

You walking on the air again

Ya’ll know when Naye clap back a nigga moving crowd

God flow take a fucking nap in the clouds

I’m Zim’s finest

H-city’s favourite rapper’s favourite rapper go ahead and ask him

Ey yo I seen a lota these dudes without being real they wanna be commercial

I seen ’em at the circle

My game strong pointing fingers at Naye Sean

Before I killed the local rap scene with they gay songs

But you see I’m so committed to this rap life rap tight

That I’d give my own life on the line to get it right

So if you a thug hope you brought your guns

And if you a hustler hope you say fuck your crumbs


Check out the full song below

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