Random Gwans

Munetsi presents ‘Fear-Me Fridays’

mUnetsiSo that guy who won’t shut up when he starts freestyling. That guy with much love for Kingpin and Soosh. That guy responsible for what we believe to be a Nas tribute(Kalahari man jacktape). That Muzukuru wagogo responsible for lines like ”I’m so ahead of my time, amai vangu vari kukambaira” and “Y’all know, if words were feathers I’d weigh 7 tonnes//I’m like your stepmother really – I was never mum“(testimony that he won’t shut up). That guy known as MUnetsi has done it again. Last week he dropped a 4 minute something freestyle for what have come to be known as ‘mU mondays’ This week he followed up with a ‘mU Monday’ freestyle titled mUsain Bolt which is an hour long. let it sink in mUsain Bolt freestyle is an hour long. That’s longer than some mixtapes/albums. Today Munetsi has delivered ‘Fear-Me Fridays’ and explained the title through his twitter account

MUnetsi has also taken time out through his twitter account to assist those not so well read and not up to date with their current affairs by breaking down some of his freestyle lines. Check out the first ‘Fear-Me Friday’ freestyle named after Nobel Peace Prize winner Alice Munro


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