Random Verse Tuesday

Random Verse Tuesday: Sometimes


It is such a shame that the name Aero5.ol can be found in the same sentence that contains the words underrated emcee. Aerosol is a dope lyricist who probably deserves more respect and recognition than that which is already assigned to him but I guess that is for another article. This week we feature the first verse to Aerosol’s ‘Sometimes’

A sister with the wings of a bird that won’t be caged

And a brother with the heart of a lion when he on stage

A graff artist who believes his city is a canvas

A poet with a journal on stage shaky and nervous

This woman who just travelled the continent on her own

The anarchist trapped spinning ideas through microphones

The atheist who would not rather ponder science fiction

The Christian who spoken all tongues at Sunday’s session

The sister in the crowd who’s beyond the convention

The writer who died with manuscripts trapped inside him

A ghost in society hoping someone will find him

A man with a camera taking a smoke break and

A girl sits on a bed wonders if she lesbian

An emcee who just gotta compete so he recites again

And sometimes I see a face between the lines

Who needs a miracle, a new life, a new design?

A soldier on the front must know exactly what he’s writing for 

I close my eyes and ask the question Who am I writing for?

You can stream ‘Sometimes’ below


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