Random Verse Tuesday

Random Verse Tuesday: Epilogue/Your love my pain


This week we feature the first verse of the last song on ‘Far from home’ by Lewis ‘The Artist’

Some white kids kept asking me, “Can I call you my nigga?”

I ask em did I come on a plane or did I come on a boat

Now watch ’em while I ask my boys to slit your throat

Cos I know a couple of goons that will kill you if you cannot approach me

Approach me like a king cos I have earned a right to be such

And such a level of lyricism cannot be clutch

It’s much anticipated since Synik did Syn City since Kendrick did maad city

Passed the torch I ran with it

Runaway slave that shit don’t fly nomore

Nomore will I be chained they respect me or do you Django

No mercy no remorse as a king oh yes of course

Give me tha crown I deserve or I will take it by force

I’ve always been a rapper my friends would even confirm it

But even they wouldn’t put my own songs on the playlist

So there I was feeling all hated and underrated

Till my own cousin came and he told me I need to change it

Cos cars bitches and hoes damn, give us the real

Give us food for thought so that our hearts and minds can just heal

And let ’em feel your heart as synonimous with surreal

Who knows you could be talking of potential record deals

We talking dreams visions of a nigga chilling with Jigga

Calling my mama and saying this is my year congratulations

Dreams visions of a nigga chilling on stage

Receiving a NAMA, a Grammy or BET nomination

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