Random Verse Tuesday

Random Verse Tuesday: To the money


This week we feature a killer verse by TRK on the Dutch produced ‘To the money’ the track features RadioFiend

When I was growing up I had no identity

No one really knew me I didn’t even know me

Just another sinner born in a good family

Didn’t know then now it’s coming out of me

Mama and papa sent me down here for university

Said I found some beats now the music taking over me

I can count the number of the lectures

I’ve attended this semester

Some will say I pissed away the only way to find progression

You should see me in the booth tell me I don’t lose it

Like your mind when you clueless foolish

You got the audacity to treat me like a student nyicga

I got more class than your tutors

I’m tryina be a ruler you tryina keep me stationary

Ya’ll tryina fuck with me this talent ain’t hereditary

The voices in my head telling me I aint good enough

But I don’t even see the competition they imaginary

TRK the killer I suggest you get familiar

Cos homy I ain’t leaving not in the near future

And I don’t wanna tell ‘em that I’m rapping man

They’ll probably laugh

But it’s cool people hate on what they can’t understand

Check out ‘To the money’ below


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