Random Verse Tuesday

Random Verse Tuesday: HWMIT


Today’s verse come from Junior Brown. The first verse to HWMIT, a track by Dutch which features Junior Brown, a man who knows how to bring cool to a shona rhyme

Ok! Yea you know the team nemasub zvese

Cos we be the cream ine icing yese

Varikutengesa madreams but hatingotenga zvese

See when we going in topinda muviri wese

Saka F.O.H

Fuck outa here

And watch your tone urikutaura nemapioneer

Mamwe maSony like cos that’s a brand there

Kusvika on some boss shit like who’s in charge here

Vataurirei kuti it’s late for em

Kwasara bunz chete

There’s no cake for em

Vane imagination they write date poems

But when it’s really real

Ya’ll on an i dont know em

Hatiite masame deals

Hatinwe same mhamba

Hatinyenge same njani

Hatibheme same chamba

Tiri official zvedu zvinematsamba

Hardest working man in town gara watsvaga nhamba

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