Random Verse Tuesday

Random Verse Tuesday: Silence the lambs


Credit: thiissynik.com


A couple of weeks ago Synik got some things off his chest through a powerful verse that we feature as this week’s “random verse.”

A lot of things have been said

I’m hearing chatter on the frequencies

Most called my album classic others branded me a weak mc

Wanted that Synik that existed in 08

Shooting click on my soundclick to bump my old tape

But dealing with bullshit is all in a day

Lauryn already told me they got so much to say 

Truth is I never thought that being placed on a pedastal

Placed me in a position to be targeted for pleasure

Woke up to hear my name mentioned on a song

Thought I was cool with them boys but I guess that I was wrong

Say my name I know it’s all in this rap sh*t

But i wont condone you calling my sister a fat b*@!h

Is this the hip hop that I love cos I don’t recognise it

It’s trying to destroy my soul and doesn’t edify it

Me and mine are a relic in this time

Cos we love that hip hop that was a blessing to the mind

I was chilling with the scribe called Tswa

And we were wondering how it is we arrived so far

From the culture that we love it’s been raped and abused

And it’s scary that for the youth it’s shaping their views

While it’s clear that most of what they putting out is bullshit

It floods our ears cos the mass media pushes it

The bottom line is the dollar sign

So you gotta hide any form of intelligence if you wanna shine

Commercial rap is exactly that

Commercials packages rap for corporates selling crap

For every millionaire there’s a million who starve

Man, screw your Maybach my life is hard

Write this part realising I’m mentally scarred

So much has happened I just wish I could go back to the start

When me and the other heads used to kick it in the parking lot

Transformed into G.o.d’s when spitting something hot

The Thots were Illektric it made you Aspya

To touch the Upmost and Liven up your Soul by reaching higher

Cats were Outspoken how they kicked it with Depth

Nas said hip hop was dead

We were giving it breath

Rhymes Illuminated and allowed us to see more

Undeniably ready to blow like C4

They don’t wanna see it like we Illegal Immigrants

I spit it with the Force to Shoc ya’ll and I’m feelin’ it

Was rapping since Mc Chita was Cytayn

So when I see the game now this is my mind frame

Screw rap I speak words to guitar strings

Telling my reflection you are not a slave but you are king

Not of the city but of your own destiny

So lines devised by petty minds have no role stressing me

And lately I find myself torn in-between

The dudes I used to roll with and who I’m calling my team

I understand both sides cos I sit on the fence

But I would bridge the divide if I was given the chance

I’m not north or south I don’t fit in a box

Where I’m from girls be playing hide and seek with the cops

Branded conscious I guess the rest of them are sleeping

Talk is cheap they ain’t making profits when they speaking

It’s just a game of thrones but a leader without followers is just taking a walk

Ya’ll ain’t leaders cos you powerless

Check the hour glass cos it says it’s my time

Even Statik Selektah knew that I was destined to shine

Questioning why I’m getting love so many waiting in line

I guess that I was blessed with a greater design

And now these forces calling me

Trying to define who I am

I’m bleeding on this track tryina silence the lambs

It’s time to advance and move beyond guarding the hype

Cos now I feel I’m at the age I should be starting a life

With someone who gives me strength to weather the storms

I’ll gladly show my flaws I never said I was strong

My life is changing so fast can take a picture with a camera

Now telling my connects they gotta speak through my manager

And suddenly I got a lot of friends

Not really though cos true friends will be there till the end

And those I can count ’em in one hand

But we ain’t really hanging these days hot-damn

I’m feeling lost so I listen to Coldplay

The present is stressing got me wishing for old days

Or maybe just a change of scenery at least

Cos it’s feeling like a prison and I need to be released

It’s not a song its a phase that I’m in

Next time I’m going in it’s the pages of Syn

It’s not a song its a space that I’m in

Next time I’m going in it’s the pages of Syn

And I’m done

You can check out silence the lambs below

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