Random Gwans / Starting Five in Quick Five

Starting Five in Quick Five: Klasiq


We recently had a quick chat with Klasiq, the G.Records boss for our “Starting Five 5 in Quick 5”  which is our expression of love for Zim hop and basketball

ThePlatform: What is your label offering that an emcee wouldn’t be able to get as an indie artist?

Klasiq: Quality music. Not many are able to pay for a whole quality album

ThePlatform: If there was anything you could fix in the local hip hop scene what would it be?

Klasiq: More shows for the artists

ThePlatform: Which local track did you last have on your playlist that was not done by you or your label mate?

Klasiq: Poverty by AbNorm

ThePlatform: What sould we expect from ‘Summer is Ours’?

Klasiq: A lot of party tracks and a lot of good music

ThePlatform: If you could create a hip hop basketball team who would be in your starting 5?

Klasiq: Gudntentionz,Sharky,Savage,Myself(laughs) and Nick Lane

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