Random Verse Tuesday

Random Verse Tuesday

Walker TEKS US

This week we feature the first verse of ‘Walker TEKS US’ by T.ShoC

As I was walking it occurred to me that life is like a journey see

That’s why they call it races not because the skin or the colour of your face What’s more decisive is your start and your finish pace

When your life has a calling your path is toll free

For most of us we chase the same dream

To tippy-toe and take a stroll where the streets are paved of gold It seems it’s what we all need

But it’s only logical due to congestion that stepping on each other’s toes is the way that it’s gonna be

Toe to toe the feet hurts the most when you are under six feet It’s amazing what we do for kicks

No practice no trainers here we all start with issues

And these shoes determine the path that we choose

If you choose to walk with the feet out and believe in the feet cult It’s difficult for you to go to the next step without your issues

It’s true cause slippers make you slip backwards and the grip you have on issues enable you to move forward so put your best foot forward and try to step up

You can stream the audio below


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