Random Verse Tuesday

Random Verse Tuesday

Kapital K

Here is the first verse off Kapital K’s ‘Feel it in the air’ which is on his mixtape ‘The Other Side of me’ (T.O.S.O.M)

I’m living better cos I went through all that bullshit

High school nigga I was on that cool shit

They didn’t really understand all my plans

Every time I skipped a class niggas thought that I was stupid

But now I’m laying out the facts fuck a Polygram

Put yourself in my shoes you would have probably ran

Certain days I had to show up with a face

Just to hide all my emotions I was feeling through my f**@!g dad [huh]

How you beat a woman like that

And when the wounds heal you expecting her to come back

 I was still young to get involved in the combat

But try that shit today and we gonn’ battle like its Iraq.

Shit it’s my family over everything

She’s forty something and she can’t wear her wedding ring

It’s up to me and I’ma give her what you didn’t

That’s never ending love I’m a son who stays committed

Check out the viral video for ‘Feel it in the air’ below 


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