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Jay Z’s 6hour “Picasso Baby” performance makes 10minute video

Jay Z

On July 10 Jay Z performed “Picasso Baby” live for 6hours at Pace Gallery as part of the song’s video shoot. The video includes great moments that feature Jay interacting with fans, dancers, and other artists alike. In an interview with Huffington Post, Mark Romanek(director of the video) said, “…one woman in her 60s showed up who was so elegant that he literally became speechless. He said, ‘You’re making me lose my flow, but I’m gonna get it back in a minute.’ So we kept that in the video. He stopped singing at times and just talked to people, he kissed people. What you’ll see is that it’s like a tsunami of joyfulness. It’s sort of the opposite of the tough-guy street-rapper cliché. Everyone is having such a good time and none of it is feigned. There’s not a single fake moment in it. It’s just a document of people having a really good time, Jay included.” Check out “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film” below


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