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Who RUNs 263?

In hip hop, who RUNs 263? I’m sure that question is the start of an endless debate. In a move to promote its RUN 263 brand of t-shirts, Quinton McVandal Apparel has teamed up with Fourstreams Media and Neo Media to create a series of rap cyphers known as RUN 263 Cypher. According to Panashe Madziva of Quinton McVandal Apparel, the RUN 263 cyphers will be available on Youtube early August and as free mp3 downloads. The first episode in the cypher series features MC Cut, MarcQues, Preach and Boi Mac (all from Rehab Entertainment). Those looking to participate in any way can visit http://www.facebook.com/qmcvapparel or follow @qmcv_apparel on Twitter. Check out the opening sequence for the first season of the cyphers

2 thoughts on “Who RUNs 263?

  1. You guys jus make people like me happy,to see this industry advancing like it is in Zim is so awesome…keep it up guys,backing you strongly…thank you so much,tired of foreign music!!!

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