Vernac Vets to headline Shoko Festival

Junior Brown    khuli chana

To help us ready ourselves for Shoko Festival 2013, the organisers of the festival have announced this year’s headliners. Among the big names headlining this year’s festival are two vernacular rap veterans Junior Brown and Khuli Chana. In Zimbabwe Junior Brown has earned respect for maintaining the hip hop edge in his shona rap. In South Africa Khuli Chana has unleashed some serious hits with his motswako flows. Though the two may differ in the tongues they spit in, they have musical alchemy in common. Since last year every record Junior Brown has touched has turned to gold (the realness, kalife, my own doe). The same goes for Khuli Chana who walked away with 3SAMAS and you cannot deny the power of tswakstikem, tswa daar and hape. A collaboration between these two would likely be epic. Until that moment comes we’ll have to settle for their individual performances at the festival. Check out Junior Brown’s HWMIT (prod. by Dutch) below 


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